Hey y’all I’m Viviana – the owner of this blog! I started this site back in 2010 so I could share things with you and have a place that I could look back to the happenings of my life. I don’t blog every day but try to share as often as possible.

I’m a 30-something wife and homeowner in the uber hippie-vegan-liberal land you know as Austin, TX. Most of my days are spent working for a global digital ad serving company [internet pop-up ads are totally my fault] but when I’m not working — I love to shop and craft. I’m happiest when shopping and creating! I love to stay busy and make our home more inviting and ready for every season.

If you have any questions, you can comment here or email me (vivianarchy@hotmail.com), or follow me. I am hoping to make bloggy friends so don’t be shy!

Hugs, Vivianarchy

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