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Accent nails

I’ve been in love with this “Rainbow in the S-Kylie” nailpolish by O.P.I. I want to remove it and put it back on every few days in a different style! I love it because it has nearly every color in the rainbow in it. So you can wear it with all of your outfits and when you color the accent nails, you can paint them any color.

So anyway, here’s todays nail art.  Until I purchase special brushes and little diamonds, y’all are going to have to deal with my ameteur nail art designs. The pink polish is called “Dim Sum Plum” by O.P.I.


Valentines Day Gift

I made these from scratch! Mine has the yellow button and my partners has the green button. They have heart studs on them in sets of three (our lucky number) and are about 7″ long.

I got the idea from the Martha Stewart website. They took awhile to make because the knots are not easy to get in the right place. Anyway, they cost less than $10 total to make and they are a good gift to give on Valentines Day because they are from the heart ♥