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May Snapshots

Sorry this post is coming up late but life has been a bit hectic. Vanessa had precious baby Everest on May 30th at 7:33pm. He was in the NICU for a few days but he’s out now and more perfect than ever! At first he didn’t like me but now I’m his favorite. I was lucky enough to be there during his birth and although I never imagined I’d want to watch a baby being born, it’s now one of my most treasured experiences. I haven’t really been able to do much to prove myself other than change his diap’s and feed him but it’s awesome being a Tia.

I bet you’re wondering about the money. I was cleaning out my closet one day and found an old purse that I hadn’t used since 2010. (old receipts say so) In my old wallet I found a $100 bill and then a few hours later stumbled upon $30! I can’t begin to imagine how it is that I forgot about that kind of money. But then I remembered that back in 2010 I was kinda rollin’ in it so…there’s your answer.

Next picture down is my Mom. From time to time I still do some “spanish” work for my old intern boss and this time she said she needed me to represent the agency for her at the Univision station in Dallas AND she wanted to know if I knew of anybody that could be a spokesperson for her client, the Mesquite ProRodeo. Naturally, I chose my Mom! After some coaching, she did great.

They liked her so much that from now on they want to use her as their spanish spokesmodel for any upcoming work.


If only I could hook myself up with work! Lol

Finally, as you know from a previous post, Mariel graduated from college. She’s the first in her family to graduate from an American college. Wepa! Here’s an awesome link my Ma put together commemorating her graduation: http://vimeo.com/netclipsmedia/review/42093449/11695207c0

Till June folks.