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December Snapshots

Can you believe today is the last day of 2012! I can! As I always do, I’ll sum up this month for you and then write a separate post for the year. Biggest news this month. WE’RE ENGAGED! On 12.1.12 she asked me to be her wife. It was such a surprise and I had no clue it would happen :)

The Story: I wanted to send out official Christmas cards this year since it was our first Christmas living alone together so I booked a photographer and made plans for us to meet her at a local park. A few days before the photoshoot my Mom called and asked if she could spend a girls weekend with us. I was like sure! Girls weekend! (still, I’m not thinking anything is going on) That morning came and everything was going as planned–we were walking around the park taking pictures here and there. Mariel said she was a bit nervous, as was I but I thought it was for the same reason! We haven’t ever been openly affectionate in public like that so I was hoping we wouldn’t have too many gawkers. Anyway, so the photographer walked us to a little gazebo and my Mom says “I think there’s an event going on or something.” I began hearing a mariachi band playing but didn’t even turn to look–assumed it was for something else. Next thing I know, Mariel is reaching down into her boot (I thought she was scratching her leg) and gets down to the bottom step and pulls out a little baggie with a ring in it.

Then she asked me to be hers. I said yes!

The mariachi’s played 6 of my favorite spanish love songs. When Mariel and I first started dating she would serenade me with the most beautiful songs in spanish. She was so smooth and seriously knocked me off my feet. So she gave them a song list and had them play those same songs <3

I was in shock for the rest of the day. I wanted to know everything! Especially how she managed to set this all up behind my back!

It was beautiful and I’m so lucky to have found love like this. We are planning for an April 2014 wedding. I’ll share more details with y’all as they come!

Till January!

Hugs, Vivianarchy

August Snapshots

1. Frugal find of the month: set of 4 dining room chairs for $75 total from Craigslist. Turns out they are from Pier 1 which made it an even better steal! We had a dining room table with no chairs so we were pumped to find something affordable. 2. Shabby Chic/French Provincial is the “theme” of our place so when we found this dresser on Craigslist we jumped on it. It’s an upcycled distressed dresser from a lady who does all her own work. If you like it, search “flippers” in Austin on Craigslist. 3. We are domestic partners y’all. Texas doesn’t recognize it but for my employers insurance purposes we are so legal :) 4. My nephews Jackson(L) and Everest(R) have a bromance goin on. Us sisters were all so excited to see each other and be in one place. Kristen was visiting from out of state, I drove up from Austin and Kali came from San Antonio. I got them matching onesies so they remember their Tias in Austin :) 5. This one is pretty self-explanatory. When we moved to Austin, Mariel had already found work at a middle school as a Teachers Aide but she really wanted something higher in the district & finally landed this one! So far, she’s the best bilingual/translator/parent support whatever ever. 6. (from left to right) Mariel, D’Ann, Nicole, Vivianarchy. Nicole, Mariel’s little sister, and her friend D’Ann came to visit us so we took them kayaking. It was so fun! They kind of suck at it but we had fun beating them on every race and watching them panic. Lol 7. Carmelia Jeter is the hottest Olympian. Those legs. #teamusa #2012olympics. 8. As you know from last months snapshot, I got a job at MediaMind and it rocks. It’s a digital ad serving company and I’m a Client Services Coordinator on the MSN Channels team. I couldn’t have imagined a workspace more awesome & am super blessed.

Till September!


DIY Graduation Party


Finally, a party planned wholly by me. Mariel graduated from college this last Friday, May 11th so we had a party for her the next day at my Moms. Unemployed and armed only with a small budget and a whole lotta creativity, I knocked this party out of the park. (including alcohol, food & entertainment [piñata] the grand total was less than $350)

First on the list was to have my photojournalist friend do a photo shoot for her, then I put together the beautiful invites.

I wanted the look and feel to be colorful and have a Mexican flair. I started looking at other blogs I admire and then came across this site. This picture inspired me to put together a tiered table, to include the “bright” future frame and to have a dessert table. (btw, clear light bulbs are hard to find)

Everything was made by hand. I designed the little pink & yellow cards (Adobe Indesign) that described every food, hand made the “Congratulations Mariel” & “Class of 2012″ banner and hole punched the confetti.

For the party favors, I ordered green boxes, stamped the front of them with a stamp and used black ink then tied them with white raffia ribbon. Inside was white & silver crinkle paper and an assortment of candies.

Last but not least, the desserts. I got the nutella & almond “Diploma Rolls” idea and recipe from this site and I ordered the strawberry cupcakes from here!