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Unlocking the full potential of e-ID to simplify your daily efforts.

The Mark Sign platform is created in accordance with the requirements of the eIDAS regulation, making your digital mark equal to a handwritten signature valid throughout the European Union.

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Our investors

Inga Karulaitytė, ECOVIS ProventusLaw partnerė

“I was intrigued by the innovative customer identification possibility. In the future, I see Mark ID as a leader in providing qualified electronic signature services in Europe.”

– Inga Karulaityte, ECOVIS Proventus Law partner

“In a short period of time, Mark ID has developed a platform for qualified e-signatures and API interfaces for larger companies with the goal of quickly and conveniently signing documents with a qualified electronic signature.”

Evaldas Remeikis, Investor
Daiva Rakauskaitė, CFA, sertifikuota finansų analitikė ir Verslo angelų fondo valdytoja

“Over three years, we have grown into a startup with over a hundred clients, offering secure, efficient, and sustainable electronic identification opportunities.”

– Daiva Rakauskaite, CFA, Business Angels Fund manager

Compliant to the highest standards

The continuous service availability and the highest security standards are fundamental to everything we do at Mark Sign.

We are certified by the globally recognized ISO 27001 information security management certificate, and our data regularly monitored by data security specialists.

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