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Automate Identity Verification, Secure login, eSigning processes, and more

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APIs for your business needs

Integrate various eSignature processes and beyond: SMS services, Secure Login, KYC (Know Your Customer), and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) inspection.

Automated processes

Sign and check the validity of thousands of documents with a few clicks and get important information about your business processes.

Everything in one place

Integrate ready-made solutions into your system and enable customers to sign documents, and identify or perform AML checks, all within your website.


rivilė sistemos vaizdas kompiuteryje ir pavyzdinis mark sign elektroninių dokumentų pasirašymo laiškas

1Document management in your business workflow via API

1.1. Create the desired user interface according to your needs

  • Create the desired eDocument management solution via our API solutions in your organization’s workflow
  • For increased security, you can only send document hashes to our API endpoint.

1.2. Use the built-in user interface

Save your internal resources and time by using our eSignature document signing plugin.

2Document management via API – Mark Sign self-service

Manage and initiate the signing of eDocuments in your organization’s environment via the API and direct your customers to Mark Sign’s self-service platform.

3Secure login with Mobile-ID or Smart-ID

Protect customer data by enabling them to sign in to your organization’s accounts or systems using advanced sign-in with M. Signature or the Smart-ID app.

4Identity Verification with Mobile-ID or Smart-ID

Use M. Signature and Smart-ID app data to identify your customers. Scan name, surname, social security code, country, and other data according to your business needs.

5SMS Services

We have created a solution for your convenience to send messages with your specified company name to quickly communicate with customers and partners. We also have a solution to facilitate two-factor authentication on your system.

6Identity Verification

Verify the customer’s identity remotely in just a few minutes with an ID card, passport, driver’s license, or residence permit, and download the verification report.

7Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Screening

Manage company risks and check whether the company, individual, and persons related to it participate in politics (PEP), are on sanctions and other watch lists, and have negative media (adverse) media records.

8PHP Gateway

A library for your needs, which, after installing it in your systems, enables you to use the API capabilities quickly and conveniently.

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