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For some time, I’ve considered getting a tattoo. Only until recently have I felt solid about a few ideas I’ve been tossing around in my brain. But if I get one, it has to be perfect–naturally. SO I’ve gone on a search for great typography. This blog inspired me. On it, there are so many different simple, bold, cool and ugly ideas. Exactly what I was looking for!

But then, I came across this picture.


How cool is he????

He has my dream arms and dream ink. How can you not love all of the random shit all over him? But after I looked and looked at the picture, I read the following:

For those of you who may be leery of getting permanent design ink done, perhaps you should check out tattly, a gallery of temporary tatts that actually keep design in mind.

Fail. So now I’m wondering if I should spend tons of dough on temp tats and change my look on the daily or if I should get a real tat. All of this flip flopping is no bueno. I need to be sure so I’m still searching! If you have any site suggestions or great artists you think I’d deem worthy, refer me their way!


This is an odd post for me — yes even for me. I’m going to talk to you about body hair and the role it plays in our lives as women.

A month or so ago, I began attending a feminist club on and off with my partner. At one of their mixers, I came across a few girls who had unshaved armpits. I was aghast because women are supposed to shave. Did they not realize how long the hair was and also why were they wearing tank tops??

Immediately I thought they were gay — they weren’t. They were boy crazy and I was really confused. But mostly I was intrigued and grossed out at the same time. It’s hard to understand and I don’t fully understand it to this day but I’m getting a better handle on it.

Here’s a photo and link to one of my favorite singer/songwriters, B.Steady who does not shave her pits.


If you’re a female and you don’t shave what you’re supposed to shave, are you a raging feminist, hippie or gay? Nope.

I read up on it and women are saying that society pressures us to shave. We are all so preoccupied with our hair and stubble on our legs, armpits, pubic area, arms, heads, etc. We spend a lot of time and money making sure we are perfectly smooth at all times. We look at magazines and the women in them may be posed with their arms up but no stubble. I’ve always wondered how the hell they had no marks or anything. I realize it’s photoshopped but why?

Here’s a photo from a company I respect because throughout the years they have always tackled big issues that others won’t touch. Her stubble is showing in the picture. O M G :)

Also while researching, I came across this video. Kinda weirdddddd…

Maybe you want to stop shaving and back your decision up under the feminist umbrella. Feminist reasoning would argue that women would be objectifying themselves to societys’ or a patriarchal view of beauty to shave or alter anything natural.

If I was to say I was doing it because I’m a feminist then I would have to stop shaving everything and stop wearing makeup. Personally, I think that would make me an extremist. Whatever the reason, it’s a personal choice.


that hair


I guess you can say I love hair. It’s such a fun way of self-expression.

As a teen, I had long hair. Every morning I would wake up and put it in hot rollers. I was the only one in my house with straight hair so I felt special. This long hair addiction carried on into my early twenties, but around the age of 24 I cut it into a bob. It was no time before I had cut it, shaved it, spiked it, colored it and made designs in it. I became hair obsessed! I love short hair so much even though I’m trying to grow it out now. As I was looking up short hair, yet again, I came across this cool site. Check dem out. Anyway, here are the many hairstyles of Vivianarchy over the last few years!

↑↑ Fragile ↑↑

I came across this picture on a blog and it made me think.

There are so many objects we treat with care. Glass, little pets, certain fruits, babies, etc. We view them as very important and indeed some of them are. (namely pets and babies) But, most of us don’t take the same care with ourselves.

I know people with diseases like diabetes, alcoholism & obesity who are completely aware of their situation yet don’t care. I know because I’ve been obese and I didn’t give a crap. What I mentioned are diseases but they are still things we have a certain amount of control over.

When you see people around you dying, or getting chronic headaches, rashes, pains you have to wonder. It’s not just “happening” to you for no reason. It’s not normal. Look at your diet. Look at your lifestyle. Something has to give.

Our bodies talk to us. If you can’t keep your eyes open, you need sleep. If you’re grinding your teeth, lay off the caffeine. If you develop a twitch, find out what’s stressing you. I know it’s not fun to sacrifice. But it’s also not fun to die young or be in pain.

I spent last semester, (my last semester of college), doped up on Monster Rehab and coffee. It definitely made me more alert, but also restless at night and jittery during the day. I made it through the semester, but have spent the last month in “rehab.” It’s not easy coming off of that stuff.

What are your vices? You know what they are–I know what mine are. The beautiful thing is you have the power to improve your life. Even if you don’t believe you have the strength, you do :) Basically what i’m getting at is:


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