1. Vanessa

    Just know you’re not alone, no one knows or even realizes just how hard it is to become pregnant, my wife and I have been ttc for the past 2 years, iui ‘ s and 2 failed ivf cycles, but our fight isn’t over., we will be trying again and just a wait the day for the delivery, because now a bfp isn’t enough, I will say this, once you see that flutter (heart beat) all the anxiety., all the worrying, all the stress, all the tears, it goes out the window.

    I send you and your wife all the baby dust imaginable
    Best of luck!

  2. Elizabeth

    Love that your sharing your story. My wife and I struggled for at least a year with medicated IUIs. with 2 chemical miscarriages and 9 IUIs we are celebrating our triplets 2nd birthday (Yes triplets!) Never thought in a million years that I’d be a mom to three wonderful children. Did become angry and disgruntled throughout the whole thing? Hell Yes I did. Did I test early when I knew I shouldn’t have, hell Yes. Would I change the whole process of TTC? Hell Yes. It’s tough to want something so badly and your body is letting you down. Each cycle doesn’t get easier and when you do get pregnant the worrying doesn’t stop. Just laugh, have support, and know that there are other options to explore and avenues to wonder down. Keep your chin up kid. Baby dust to you

  3. My wife and I had a similar journey and struggled with similar choices as the two of you. Our experience was 3 failed clomid IUI’s and a miscarriage resulted from the 4th follistim IUI. We had success with a known donor on the 5th attempt. Every journey is unique. The devastation we felt each failed attempt and the miscarriage was heart wrenching but in hind sight we had to go through that to get the baby girl that was meant to be ours. I left a link to my blog if your interested in reading about our journey. I wish you both all the luck a person can send!

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