Hoping the 3rd time is a charm

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Hi loves! I have some good news and some bad news – I’ll start with the bad so we can end this on a high note :)

So I found out on my 30th birthday last week that IUI #2 was a bust. We were not pregnant. I asked a million questions – “should I start fertility meds?”, “should I inseminate the day I surge instead of the day after or the day of and the day after?” , “what can I do so that we aren’t having this conversation again?” Her answers to my questions were “no”, “no” and “have faith in this process; we’ve been doing it a long time and it will work.”

She then went on to say that after looking over my chart and workup she highly suggested we consider switching donors. What’s interesting is that we’d already been talking about doing just that – so we dried our eyes, called the sperm bank to ask them questions and went about looking for baby daddy numero dos. This next dude better have some good stuff!

When speaking to the sperm bank they mentioned that we can ask for higher count vials – who in the heck would want low count vials? Makes no sense but ladies, ask for high count vials when you order from Fairfax Cryobank! It’s a waste of money otherwise as we’ve learned the hard way.

Now that we have chosen another donor, we’re excited to move forward and try again. This whole process has been tough because you’re spending so much money, you’re so hopeful and you want to start a family so badly but there’s literally nothing you can do about it but be patient, not give up and trust it will happen when it’s supposed to. Of course that’s easier said than done – I want to obsess over everything but all that does is consume my life and I can’t live like that. Every single day we talk about the process, about our future baby, how we want to parent, what the nursery will look like, wonder about how being pregnant will affect our relationship and then we always promise each other to be patient and great listeners to one anothers needs.

Thankfully every let down has done nothing but make us band closer together and move forward with more intent and faith than the time before. When we become pregnant and give birth to our baby, he/she will be so loved and so well planned for. But as we’ve been experiencing, plans are only good intentions!

Since we’re trying again in the near future, I’ll have more updates for you soon.

Baby dust,


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  1. Vanessa

    I feel as if I’m reading our (my wife’s and I) journey without even writing it.. It’s insane

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