1. Stephanie Garcia

    I noticed the post on IG that you both were considering IUI. Although I am single, I have wanted to be a mom since I was 20. I know being 23 some would say that maybe im crazy to want to be a mom already. But I love kids and I want a baby of my own. My own little family. Ive considered IUI, Ive talked to my family and they are supportive. I just havent really scheduled an appointment with the fertility doctor here in Mcallen. I wonder at times if it would even be approved since I want to do this solo. How much is all of this costing you? With the visits of the doctor, the procedure itself, and I know sperm can cost up to 500 a vial.

  2. Stephanie, I’m so sorry I’m replying so late to your post. I don’t think 23 is too young – that’s Mariel’s age and she’s completely capable of being a mother. I’d say go for it! I’m part of a trying to conceive (TTC) group on Facebook and about half of the women are single women who take matters into their own hands. The doctors can’t tell you no or not approve your IUI procedure. The first step is making an appointment with a fertility specialist and the second step would be to find a donor you like in the online banks. To be honest it’s very expensive. Per vial (plus shipping and thawing) it was $1,200 and that does not include the cost of the IUI. It costs us about $1,500 every time we try. We’re going on try #6 right now. But who knows you may get lucky and it’ll work the first time! Since you’re 23 time is definitely on your side. I’m 30 years old so it’s been more difficult.

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