April Snapshots


Babies, babies, babies! My older sister Kristen and her husband Steve had their little baby Jackson on 4.12.12. He’s so cute! She calls him her “mega” baby. That same weekend, we had my younger sister, Vanessa’s, baby shower for her little baby Everest that’s due really soon. She’s super ready to explode! None of us can wait :)

On 4.11.12, Mariel + I had our 1 year anniversary. We are both super broke so it wasn’t a big to-do, but there was a lot of love ♡

ANNND, last but not least, on 4.21.12 I attended the NYCreative Interns Event. It was awesome and I got a really great free book out of it! Not to mention, I made lots of great contacts and met two other girls who are also from Texas.

Till May’s Snapshots!

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