For some time, I’ve considered getting a tattoo. Only until recently have I felt solid about a few ideas I’ve been tossing around in my brain. But if I get one, it has to be perfect–naturally. SO I’ve gone on a search for great typography. This blog inspired me. On it, there are so many different simple, bold, cool and ugly ideas. Exactly what I was looking for!

But then, I came across this picture.


How cool is he????

He has my dream arms and dream ink. How can you not love all of the random shit all over him? But after I looked and looked at the picture, I read the following:

For those of you who may be leery of getting permanent design ink done, perhaps you should check out tattly, a gallery of temporary tatts that actually keep design in mind.

Fail. So now I’m wondering if I should spend tons of dough on temp tats and change my look on the daily or if I should get a real tat. All of this flip flopping is no bueno. I need to be sure so I’m still searching! If you have any site suggestions or great artists you think I’d deem worthy, refer me their way!

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