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I came across this picture on a blog and it made me think.

There are so many objects we treat with care. Glass, little pets, certain fruits, babies, etc. We view them as very important and indeed some of them are. (namely pets and babies) But, most of us don’t take the same care with ourselves.

I know people with diseases like diabetes, alcoholism & obesity who are completely aware of their situation yet don’t care. I know because I’ve been obese and I didn’t give a crap. What I mentioned are diseases but they are still things we have a certain amount of control over.

When you see people around you dying, or getting chronic headaches, rashes, pains you have to wonder. It’s not just “happening” to you for no reason. It’s not normal. Look at your diet. Look at your lifestyle. Something has to give.

Our bodies talk to us. If you can’t keep your eyes open, you need sleep. If you’re grinding your teeth, lay off the caffeine. If you develop a twitch, find out what’s stressing you. I know it’s not fun to sacrifice. But it’s also not fun to die young or be in pain.

I spent last semester, (my last semester of college), doped up on Monster Rehab and coffee. It definitely made me more alert, but also restless at night and jittery during the day. I made it through the semester, but have spent the last month in “rehab.” It’s not easy coming off of that stuff.

What are your vices? You know what they are–I know what mine are. The beautiful thing is you have the power to improve your life. Even if you don’t believe you have the strength, you do :) Basically what i’m getting at is:


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