Peanut Butter

We always keep peanut butter around. This one is all natural, glucose & lactose free and vegan. (only 5 ingredients!) I trust the Smart Balance brand. We also use their butter, so we thought we’d try their peanut butter. Basically, its not weird at all, it tastes totally normal and you should give it a try. It’s super yummy and you don’t have to eat it with bread and jelly. You can totally eat it with celery sticks or carrots. But don’t get all crazy chomping down on the peanut butter! It’s best as a garnish. You can check them out at:


  1. Angelica

    yum i love peanut butter . I remember you brought it home for the first time and i was scared bcuz it said vegan but who knew it was going to turn out to be my favorite garnish

  2. *pAtrIcIa*

    im glad i see you girls agree with this pb. i just actually bought this tonight for Corryn’s pb sandwiches, hm a healthy alternative compared to the valentines cakes he made me buy him ugh!!!! anyway cant wait to try it, maybe w celery sticks? scruptious. anyway ;)

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